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Eduardo started expressing his creativity through editing in 2008 and since then he's been honing his skills in several formats to create a diverse portfolio, which includes feature films, documentaries, shorts, ads, fashion films, trailers, web content and more. Eduardo strives to be a versatile editor but with a strong point of view. And his voice seems to be coming through: Eduardo's work has been featured on platforms such as Netflix, HBO, NatGeo, Indiewire, Globo and movie theaters all over the world. 


The exposure of Eduardo's work brought him the opportunity to collaborate with several production companies in Paris, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where he's currently based. However, he's always interested in contributing to innovative projects anywhere - so don't hesitate to contact him (


Academic History:

2006 - 2011

Bachelor in Audiovisual Media at Universidade de São Paulo

Major in Editing - Minor in Sound

2008 – 2009

Scientific Initiation Research 'An Oral History of Brazilian Record Industry' by Prof. Dr. Eduardo Vicente – CNPq Scholarship


• Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut 7 and X, AVID Media Composer

• DaVince Resolve, Adobe Media Encoder, MPEG Streamclip

• DVD Studio PRO, Adobe Encore
• Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop


• Portuguese - native language

• English – fluent

• Spanish – Intermediate

• German – Intermediate


Professional Editorial Experience:


  • I Do Not Come To You By Chancefeature film (dir: Ishaya Bako, prod: TEN, Genevieve NNaji and Chinny Onwugbenu)

  • A Big Gay Hairy Hit! Where the Bears Are: The Documentary - feature-length documentary (prod: Three Bears Entertainment)


  • Verissimo - feature-length documentary (produced by: Sobretudo Produção, Lacuna Filmes, Canal Brasil)

  • Additional editing on Lady Voyeur (Olhar Indiscreto) - Netflix minisseries (produced by: Mixer Films)

  • Branded Content for the online event "Tudo Combinado C&A" (produced by: AWAKE Film).

  • Trailer for the feature film Agreste (directed by Sérgio Roizenblit).


  • Additional editing for the feature-length doc Racionais: Das Ruas de São Paulo para o Mundo (Netflix Original, dir: Juliana Vicente).

  • The Cut - reality show for HBO (produced by: Boxfish)

  • Branded Content for Havaianas + All Out celebrating Pride Month


  • Minha Receita - docu-reality cooking show for TV Bandeirantes (produced by Vibra).

  • Branded Content for C&A Tudo Combinado (by AWAKE Film).

  • Trailer for the film Agreste (by Sérgio Roizenblit).


  • Mundo Mistério - Netflix show with YouTube star Felipe Castanhari.

  • Horror TV show Noturnos (by Marco Dutra and Caetano Gotardo) for Canal Brasil.

  • Trailers for the following films:

- Lionheart (by Genevieve Nnaji)

- Complicity (by Kei Chikaura)

- Bird Song (by Hendrik Willemyns)

- Le Choc du Futur (by Marc Collin)

  • Branded content spots for Spotify Brazil.


  • Kids TV show Escola de Gênios (showrunner: João Daniel Tikhomiroff, co-produced by Mixer Films and Gloob).

  • Feature film Alaska (by Pedro Novaes).

  • Documentary TV movie Resplendor, 52' (by Claudia Nunes and Erico Rassi).

  • Trailer for the feature film Rafiki (by Wanuri Kahiu).

  • Trailer for the feature Liquid Truth (by Carolina Jabor).

  • Short film Preciso Dizer que te Amo (by Ariel Nobre).


  • Branded Content Easter Special Páscoa Perfeita GNT (by Tocha Alves, produced by Dogs Can Fly).

  • Trailer for the feature film Drôles d'Oiseaux (by Elise Girard, produced by Kinoelektron - Paris).

  • Videos for broadcasting, website and exhibition Eu tenho o direito de saber by the Red Cross International (Realejo Filmes).


  • Additional editing for the documentary Racionais MCs (by Juliana Vicente, produced by Preta Portê Filmes).

  • TV Show Entre o Céu e a Terra, for TV Brasil (by Thomas Miguez, produced by Realejo Filmes).

  • TV Show Sequestro, for NatGeo.

  • TV Show Causando na Rua (documentaries by Tata Amaral, produced by Tangerina Entretenimento).


  • Feature Film The Silence of the Sky (by Marco Dutra, produced by RT Features and Oriental Features).

  • Feature-length documentary Resonant Voices (by Raphaela Comisso).

  • Short films:

​- The Lessons My Mother Taught Me (by César Turim)

- To Save Beth (by Theodoro Cochrane and Alan Medina)

- Timber (by Luna Grimberg and Leonardo Rocha)

- Borá (by Angelo Defanti)


  • Additional editing for the feature-length documentary Meia-Hora e as Manchetes que Viraram Manchetes.

  • Documentary series HQ - Edição Especial for HBO (by Angelo Defanti, produced by RT Features).

  • Promotional pieces for the feature films Alemão e Quando Eu Era Vivo (produced by RT Features).

2011 - 2013

In Los Angeles, USA:

  • Feature-length documentary Mary Woronov, Cult Queen: From Warhol to Corman (by Francesca Di Amico, produced by Minx Films).

  • Editing and post production coordinator of 7 seasons of the web series Where The Bears Are (by Joe Dietl, Rick Copp, Ben Zook).

  • Editing and post production coordinator of the web series Fumbling Thru the Pieces (by Layna McAllister, produced by Julie Smith).

  • Web videos for online fashion magazine Bellomag, some of them broadcast by E! Entertainment Television (by Aleksandar Tomovic).

  • Season 2 of the comedy TV Show Olívias na TV, for Multishow TV station (by Daniel Nascimento, produced by Realejo Filmes).

2009 – 2011

  • In-house editor at MIRA Filmes. Clients: 29th São Paulo Art Biennial, FLIP, iFHC.

  • Short Film Holiday (by Luna Grimberg).

  • Assistant editor for the short films Pinball and Cores e Botas (both shot in 35mm) and the documentary PFC: Pais, Filhos e Cadeia.

2007 - 2008

  • Co-directed, co-wrote and edited the short doc Rua Paim.

  • Promotional piece Peter Greenaway, broadcast by SescTV during the event LIMITE: 16th International Festival of Electronic Art.

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